Custom Water-cooling PC

Water cooled PCs with the help a water block, pump/reservoir and radiators connected with tubing. A special coolant flows through the tubing to ensure maximum heat dissipation from your components. Each custom water-cooled PC is hand-crafted made to order to ensure quality based on your desired look of the PC. All of our water blocks, fittings, radiators, pump/reservoir used are from well-known and reputable brands with warranties. With our professional and trained technician, we promise you only the best of quality water-cooled PC.

Water cooling is the art of utilizing a series of waterblocks connected by tubing, with coolant flowing through it, to cool the CPU, GPU or Motherboard. Every custom water cooling is hand-crafted from zero to hero to ensure high quality of craftmanship. All tubings, radiators,fittings used are from well known and reputable brand that ensures customers satifaction with long time warranty for any issues. However with our professional and trained technician, we can promise you only the best water cooling PC. 

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